All the Things I’ve Done Since Getting Vaccinated

Extravert summer, here I come

Jessie Lewis
3 min readMay 17, 2021


I recently hit my two-weeks-after-full-vaccination date. My blood is pulsing with my own anti-covid mafia. Here’s how I’ve wielded this new power.

1. Bought sneakers. IN PERSON.

Somehow, going out in slippers isn’t socially acceptable yet…? Even after all of this??

2. Drove out of town to celebrate my sister’s graduation at her house

Forty minutes into the trip, our home alarm went off. My husband pulled off the road while I desperately tried to connect to our home cameras — which suspiciously didn’t work.

We took this to mean that we should NEVER LEAVE HOME BECAUSE BAD THINGS HAPPEN.

So we turned around to see for ourselves.

The house was fine. (The cat was very happy to see us again.)

We got back on the road.

3. Sold my old clothes to a resale shop

It’s a trendy place. The college kids working there were dressed like movie stars. I suddenly felt out of touch.

So I did what any normal person would do and bought clothing that I thought would impress them. Amazingly, they didn’t seem to notice these efforts, and were likely only annoyed at my endless trips to the changing rooms.

(Luckily, the clothes ARE very cool and I look great.)

4. Went to a friend’s small party

Pfizer is just as effective at reducing transmission as it is at reducing infection.

This did not make me any less nervous to sit on a couch next to someone and all their breath particles.

5. Took my dog to the dog dentist

Okay, she’s a vet, but I like calling her the dog dentist. And she deserves the title after removing so many of my poor dog’s teeth. (Don’t worry — he’s souped up on meds and is feeling much better.)

6. Donated all the crap I decluttered while stuck at home



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