My Client Intake Process (Or, How to Manage Inquiries without Looking Like a Terrified Child)

Step 1: Get clear on what they want from you

Step 2: Calculate a ballpark estimate

Step 3: Own that call!

  • When they say they need something that you’re familiar with, maybe mention how you worked on a similar project recently. This is not to brag, but to give them assurance that you’re experienced in the kinds of problems they’re facing.
  • Express your genuine enthusiasm for their project.
  • Address them by name to show that you care.
  • Listen to what they’re asking for, and repeat it back so you both know you’re on the same page.

What if they don’t actually know what they want?

Step 4: Craft a proposal

Step 5: Make it official

What if potential clients try to get around your process?

Is this the only process ever?

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