The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Better at Anything (in 10 Minutes)

Feature photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash
  1. Keep pushing (and hope sheer tenacity will pull you through)
  2. Change the game

Why do we plateau?

When our progress slows down, the most common explanation is usually, “I’m just not talented enough. And from here on out, it’s going to be extremely difficult.”

Step 1: Write out your system

You always have a system, even if you never planned it out consciously.

  1. Filming main footage: Do the project, and film every step of the way
  2. Filming extra footage: Get footage of the final project result, then film my video intro and wrap-up
  3. Editing: Glue my eyes to the computer for the next 3–5 days (for my last video, I had to sort through over 10 hours of footage!)

Step 2: Look for the hangups at each step

What goes wrong?

  • Most of the videos I’m making are more in-depth, and don’t have that hyper-clickable quality that YouTube loves
  • I keep running out of battery in the middle of the day
  • The workspace behind me when I’m talking to the camera is often messy
  • I keep running out of computer memory when I’m working with large projects

Step 3: Explore creative solutions

Now it’s time to brainstorm. Go through each problem individually and ask, what are a few different ways I could solve this?

  • Get a second camera, so I can capture two angles at the same time
  • Use my phone as a second camera
  • Set a timer to remind myself to change up the camera angle regularly

Step 4: (Optional) Look to others for more ideas

Still want more ideas? Only after you’ve done your own brainstorming should you consider researching what others have done. Look up articles online. Call up a friend who knows what they’re talking about.

Step 5: Commit to a game plan

At the end, you’ll have a huge list of ideas of ways to improve your workflow. Now you need to review them and choose which ones you’ll start using on your next project.

  • Adding them to a checklist in a project management tool
  • Consciously creating mental associations. “Okay Jessie, next time I turn the camera on, I need to turn on my timer app as well. Camera = phone.

In 10 minutes, this process gave me 11 realistic improvements to integrate into my workflow…

…And as a result, I’m confident I’ll be able to ramp up my production speed and/or my production quality in a tangible way over the next few weeks.

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